Mental Health Advocate

Too start Ariel is not my real name. I created it as my online identity years ago; when you had to pay for AOL by the hour and used their CD's as coasters.

Obvious stuff first.  I'm black. Not African American. I recognize that is my Mothers culture, therefore it is mine.  Yet I do not fully understand the African American culture because I have had little exposure.  Not in the educational sense but in the person to person community experience. I am Fluid. However I often refer to myself as Bi, and Gay. I have never identified myself as Straight.  I am Bi-Polar. Was diagnosed at 16. I have a serious case with underlying symptoms PTSD, and DID to name the the most prevalent of many.  These are my three cores.

Being a whole person, I have many interests and conflicts that shape who I am at this moment. Change is my only constant, Follow a philosophy which starts with the premise; life is suffering. Therefore I must actively seek and appreciate, joy, love, and beauty.

This translates to a fierce passion for the outdoors, and a personal belief that exploration and conservation are crucial to find beauty.  Eight years ago I gave up my car. Not for financial reasons, yet the financial benefit has kept me from purchasing another one.  Not to say there isn't a toll on my mobility.  In large cities I use public transportation and an avid cyclist. 

Grew up in small town New Mexico.  Two hours north of the Capitol. My childhood was dark. attended the public school system from pre-k till High School.  Attended boarding school for a few years, then life got even darker.

I pick up after being released from a 18 month stay in a mental health facility.  It was not my first nor my last. 

This site reflects who I am at this moment. Fierce Advocate for Mental Health Awareness. A Seeker of Joy. Am unflinching desire to remove shame from my life. 

Photography courtesy of Ariel Anatole.